A Wake of Vultures


A murder in a remote African river valley.  Fossil hunters competing to find remains of a rare,  ancient human species.  Palaeontologist Professor Lizzie Lamb and local National Park boss Thomas Nkhoma  join forces to investigate.
Set against a vividly painted African landscape, with walk-on parts for the wildlife, this is more than just a murder mystery, it’s an armchair safari.
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Professor Lamb – Lizzie – has dug up the jawbone of a rare ancient human in a remote African valley. Now the vultures of the fossil-hunting world are flying in, desperate to find more. One of the first to arrive is murdered. Was the ancient jawbone behind the death? Was it a case of mistaken identity? Or was the dead man mixed up in something far more disturbing – and dangerous?

The murder is just the beginning. As a wave of crime threatens to engulf the valley, Lizzie is determined to stop it in its tracks with the help of the eccentric boss of the local national park.

  • 256 pages
  • Published in 2012
  • ISBN 978-0-9535418-3-6